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It's 2013 and I'm still alive. The evil dead squirrels are chittering at my front door whispering their sibilant deviant desires, but I won't let them in unless they pay the ferrycat of doooom.

Yeppers, its 2013 and the apocalypse de jour will be one featuring demonic squirrels of the Lovecraftian dimension.

T-shirts and bumper-stickers will be available.
Grecian Trip

It's 2012 and I need a Post

It's 2012 (May 21, 2012) and I need a post to peg this year down. Lots of drabble writing on so less here. So far so good with the boys, or at least what I can write about. Hope all are doing well.
Grecian Trip

Three weeks ago Wednesday

Three weeks ago Wednesday I broke my ankle (WWS)*. Today I finally went back to work. In five years I'll retire, the past two and a half weeks have been like a preview of my retirement (sans broke ankle). I could get used to that in a New York minute.

* WWS - walking while sober.
Matt Wilder 2

Time Bandits

I watch "Time Bandits" for the first time last night and I noticed something sorta odd. The main evil character was also the main evil character in the first Tron, right? Time Bandits came out in 1981 and Tron in 1982. So why was the evil dude going on and on and on about "computers" in Time Bandits? I was thinking that Terry Gilliam was doing a salute to the role he play on Tron, but Time Bandits came first. Has anyone else noticed this?
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Winter Solstice

Why isn't the Winter Solstice the last day of the year and the next day the beginning of the new year? Wouldn't that make just too damn much sense?
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Wow, even psuedo-Mondays suck

The human resource chick came into my office this morning and said that the state was discontinuing my health plan. I'd have to either go to the HMO, High Deductible or the Donut-Plan. All of those suck except for the HMO and the nearest HMO is over 70 miles away.

Come December I'm going to have to find an extra $200 a month for insurance, I already pay $300 a month for my current plan.

Guys, I'm really starting to hurt here.
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(no subject)

Jeremy is growing a beard and mustache. He looks like Maynard G. Krebs from Dobie Gillis. If I could teach him to snap his fingers, I'd send him to school with the stash and chin hair.
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Matt & Charlie

Okay, that's the last of Matt and Charlie that I have at this time. When I write some more, I'll start posting them again.

Also, any questions about the brave undead, dead, and suspiciously mobile hunters will be happily answered.
Grecian Trip

Today I'm 47

Today I'm 47 years old. Woooooo. Which means my sister is 48 and my brother is 41. HA. It also means son #1 is 20 and son #2 (also known as MyGODwhatwereyouTHINKING!) is 18. I'm officially middle-aged, which means that I can start wearing the 13th Century Monk's robe and cut my hair to have that really cool bald spot on the very tippy top. Still have a job, still have most of my hair, and I keep my sense of humor sharp and polished, so I guess that means I'm winning.

Ya'll have a fun day today and raise a toast to March 4, also hereby officially known as Bearhand Day.